Streamline Your As-Built Data Capture.
Reduce Rework.
Stay Under Budget and On-Time.

It's what you need...

...and Reality Capture is the solution.

Find out how to leverage the latest technology in laser scanning to capture a full digital representation, or DIGITAL TWIN, of any environment so you can document, model and analyze that environment with speed and precision.
  • Capture highly accurate point clouds.
  • Generate 3D as-built models and meshes.
  • Retro-fit design from as-built.
  • Compare as-built vs design.
  • BIM modelling.
  • Clash detection.
  • Tank inspection to API standards.
  • Floor flatness and floor levelness to ASTM standards.
  • Automated 2D line work.
  • Take precise measurements, and much more.
We have put together instructional videos on full field to finish workflows using Leica Geosystems laser scanning hardware including the RTC360BLK360P-series laser scanners, along with Cyclone Register 360, Cyclone 3DR, and Cloudworx software.
We will be covering key benefits, field workflows, as well as office workflows to produce a multitude of deliverables from point cloud data. Teaching you how to easily manage the workflow, our goal is to become your go-to resource in the fast-growing world of reality capture.
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Best regards,
Nolan Klassen
Reality Capture Specialist