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BLK360 Laser Scanner

  • BLK360 Laser Scanner
  • BLK360 Laser Scanner
  • BLK360 Laser Scanner
  • BLK360 Laser Scanner
  • BLK360 Laser Scanner

Leica Geosystems

BLK360 Laser Scanner

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From Leica Geosystems and Autodesk, the leaders in 3D reality capture, comes the revolutionary BLK360.

A simple way to capture reality.

The BLK360 is designed to scan wherever, whenever with high-level accuracy and speedy data acquisition times. Using the innovative technology, the BLK360 captures full-colour 360° spherical imagery, panoramic thermal imagery, both laid onto a high-accuracy point cloud in less than 4 minutes per scan.

A marvel of product design, Leica's engineers were able to break boundaries and introduce this technology in a form factor so small it can fit in one hand. With its user-friendly one-button operation, and attractive price point, Leica has opened the doors for users to enter the laser scanning field and produce professional results with high cost-efficiency.

Partnered with the new Autodesk Recap 360 Pro Mobile App

The BLK360 is controlled either via Autodesk ReCap 360 Pro Mobile or Leica's new BLK360 App running on an iPad pro. These powerful apps allows users to visualize real-time results, swarm-scan with multiple BLK360s, register scans, take measurements and produce floorplans, collaborate in the field, share data remotely, and transfer into any Autodesk design software, VR and AR applications, 3DReshaper, Leica Cyclone, and many other software packages with the standardized E57 file format.


The BLK360 imaging laser scanner is the result of uncompromising dedication to a minimalistic aesthetic and the simplification of reality capture.


Its shell is comprised of sleek, matte black anodized aluminum.


The BLK360 design was carefully selected out of 20+ design proposals.


A focus on premium materials was adhered to throughout the project. The mirror is comprised of gold coated - polished titanium. 


The BLK360 features the newest, integrated thermal camera technology.


It is completely wireless. Data is transferred via wifi and BLK360 is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. 


The challenge to miniaturize an imaging scanner system without sacrificing on quality or accuracy was immense. Those challenges were surmounted by the ingenuity of the development team who drew several exclusive technologies out of the Leica Geosystems portfolio and made them inclusive to the BLK360.


A focus on simplicity and interaction. The BLK360 single button design, iPad Pro user interface and custom machined quick release tripod fitting create an intuitive user experience.


Since being announced at Autodesk University in November of 2016 the BLK360 has been recognized by numerous organizations. These awards range from the Prism Award for Photonics Innovation from the scientific community to an Honorable mention at the Consumer Electronics show. 


The BLK360 represents the confluence of art and engineering. Ultimately, Leica's team did their best work so that you can do yours.

Elevate Reality with the BLK360