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Leica JetStream Enterprise HDS Pont Cloud software

Leica JetStream Family – Seamless Integration of Point Cloud Data

ALL THE POINTS, ALL THE TIME with Leica's ultra-high-speed rendering engine.

Does your organisation integrate the use of point cloud data into your productive CAD workflows? Do you have a need to integrate your point cloud data but have encountered some of the real-world issues facing such an implementation?

Many CAD systems do a poor job of integrating point clouds and even become nearly unusable with the volume of data commonplace within the digital reality capture community. Many expert CAD users also struggle with the unfamiliar workflows of point cloud software limiting your organisation’s ability to make productive use of your data.

Leica JetStream is purpose-built to solve these problems, like nothing else on the market.

JetStream provides seamless use of your point cloud data with instant loading of all your points, all the time. No load times, no lag, just full resolution point clouds streaming directly to your CAD systems. Work with all your preferred CAD system in its native format using familiar commands and workflows.

JetStream's exclusive rending capabilities provide efficiency gains unmatched by any other built-in or add-on solution available to allow your team to be more productive and provide maximum ROI for you and your clients.

The Leica JetStream experience consists of five complementary components:

  • Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER
  • JetStream Enterprise server
  • JetStream Connectors
  • CloudWorx product family
  • JetStream Viewer

Accessing JetStream Projects from CAD

Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER is the first step in accessing your JetStream Projects within your preferred CAD system. Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER allows your Cyclone products to publish project data to your JetStream Enterprise server for reading by the CloudWorx plugin of your choice.

Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER features and benefits:

  • JetStream delivers ultra-high-speed rendering of your point cloud data to instantly open and display an unlimited number of points all the time as you navigate your data set
  • JetStream native files created by Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER are compatible with all CloudWorx Plugins and JetStream Viewer modules: Server connected, disconnected or portable
  • JetStream Viewer portable is the perfect way to leave behind an impressive product with a client or prospective customers

A JetStream Connector is required for each CloudWorx seat that accesses the JetStream Enterprise server simultaneously. Connectors are transferable so a single Connector can service any user and any CloudWorx plugin on your network.

When you publish a JetStream file from Cyclone, it is saved to your JetStream Enterprise server in a centralised server location set up by you upon installation.

On the front end, JetStream Enterprise has a simple interface for content producers to access their project data. On the back end, JetStream Enterprise provides the administrator with complete flexibility to setup and configure the server to best leverage the organisation's resources. These back-end activities are almost transparent to front end users, freeing them to produce and consume point clouds without hindrance.

For users who are not doing heavy processing or producing with point clouds, the free JetStream Viewer is the perfect tool to load JetStream data sets to conduct basic navigation and visualisation, take measurements or create a short video. The JetStream Viewer is available as an installed software that connects directly to your server for immediate loading of all your point clouds, as an installed software that lets you view locally stored JetStream data files created by your team for distribution or as a completely portable no-install viewer that can be packaged on a thumb drive along with JetStream native files to provide to a client or prospective customer.