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1D Excavator System - iCON iXE1

  • 1D Excavator System - iCON iXE1
  • 1D Excavator System - iCON iXE1
  • 1D Excavator System - iCON iXE1
  • 1D Excavator System - iCON iXE1

Leica Geosystems

1D Excavator System - iCON iXE1

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Leica PowerDigger Lite

Leica iCON iXE1 PowerDigger Lite is a simple, economic excavator control system. It is perfect for backhoes and mini- excavators and is the ideal solution for contractors who want to enter into machine control. The single slope control panel with multicolour display is easy-to-use and is specifically designed for standard excavating applications.

Accurate single slope and depth control

The graphical overview on iCON iXE1 gives you information of the exact height and slope you have keyed in. All buttons and necessary functions are placed logically on the front for straightforward operation. With iCON iXE1, you have the flexibility to work from different references such as existing surface, string line or a laser reference.

Be your own surveyor and save costs

The iCON iXE1 system saves you time and money as you get your job done faster. It eliminates over excavation and downtime to make grade level checks. Difficult tasks as blind cuts or digging under water are far easier with the system as you see the bucket position on your control panel display at any time.

Key benefits of iCON iXE1

  • Increase machine productivity
  • Graphical cut/fill indication in the cab
  • No more over excavations
  • Get done in fewer passes
System features:
  • 3.5" colour graphic display
  • Simple menu structure - very easy-to-use
  • Remote display supported
  • 100 % waterproof (IP68) – no special sensors or cables needed for underwater use
  • Offset your reference surface
  • Visual and audio guidance according to reference height