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3D Dozer System - iCON iGD4SP

  • 3D Dozer System - iCON iGD4SP
  • 3D Dozer System - iCON iGD4SP
  • 3D Dozer System - iCON iGD4SP
  • 3D Dozer System - iCON iGD4SP
  • 3D Dozer System - iCON iGD4SP

Leica Geosystems

3D Dozer System - iCON iGD4SP

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Leica iCON grade iGD4SP

Leica iCON iGD4SP

High efficiency dual GNSS grading solution for dozers with 6 way blades

The Leica iCON iGD4SP grading solution for dozers equipped with 6 way blades (PAT) provides you maximum speed, precision and flexibility. Run your dozer to the extent of its capabilities while constantly maintaining grade.

Exact calculation of blade tilt and angle allows you to move dirt from pass to pass precisely where you want and you will finish your jobs quicker with less rework.

Get even more out of your dozer's 6 way blade with the iGD4SP dual antenna solution. Now you can also use the dozer for fine grading applications and final trim, similar to how you would use your motorgrader. Fewer machines on-site mean lower transportation costs and also less wear and tear on other machines, saving time and keeping costs down. Realise faster results with more profits when the iGD4SP allows you to run dozers at full speed with maximum accuracy.

  • Run machines in automatic mode and keep precision without needing to rework areas.
  • Maximise your dozer's performance by angling the blade and control windrows more effectively. No need to repeat passes over the same area to remove dirt build up.
  • The scalable iCON grade solution lets you expand your dozer's system as your projects grow in scope and size. You only invest in what you need.
  • iGD4SP delivers unequaled speed and precision, and helps provide maximum productivity with higher profit.
  • The latest CAN technology lets you expand the functionality of your system by simply adding the required components.
  • PowerSnap enables use of the same panel for any level of functionality. Purchase licenses only for the configurations you need and only for the functionality you want.
  • Small diameter masts make operation easier with clear visibility of the blade's working area.

iGD4SP Technology

Maximum productivity and performance with Leica SP Technology:

  • Fine grade with your bulldozer in top gear
  • Highest precision at the fastest speed
  • Faster results without losing accuracy
  • Unmatched productivity that boosts your profitability

By using inertial guidance with the most responsive hydraulic control on the market, GNSS performance is significantly enhanced. Machines equipped with SP Technology have reduced need for rework and increased uptime during poor GNSS coverage or temporarily interrupted availabilities of correction signals.


Providing a new level of flexibility and user convenience:

  • System is up and running in no time
  • Rapid interchange of control panels between machines, giving you extra flexibility on site
  • One PowerSnap cradle for all iCON excavate and iCON grade panels
  • Easy removal of core components for overnight security
  • Contact and cable free connection to control panel
  • Safety shut down feature protects system and data
  • Unique patented Snap on/Snap off capability