RD7200 Cable and Pipe Locator

  • RD7200 Cable and Pipe Locator
  • RD7200 Cable and Pipe Locator
  • RD7200 Cable and Pipe Locator


RD7200 Cable and Pipe Locator

A no-compromise all-industry locator, designed for accurate and effective everyday use

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Industrial grade display, for outdoor usage

RD7200 locators and transmitters use a transflective low power LCD technology that uses ambient light to improve screen readability in direct sunlight and extend battery life

TruDepth and current readout, for extra assurance

Radiodetection's TruDepth displays the precise depth and current measurements, only when the RD7200 is correctly oriented above the target. Measurement consistency gives high confidence that the correct line is being followed

High-performance audio and vibration alerts, for noisy environments

The RD7200 waterproof speaker housing has been tuned to provide optimum resonance for your choice of high or low-frequency tones. 5 power output audio levels and vibration alerts, assist technicians working in challenging situations. 


Accurate and simple to use, the RD7200 comes with eight active and three passive frequencies that cover the majority of the site locating tasks. A rugged, IP65 rated casing along with a high contrast screen make it suitable for use in all weather conditions. 


In complex power environments, with multiple signals from high voltage equipment and cables, Radiodetection's Dynamic Overload Protection reduces the effect of interference, and Power Filters can be used to trace a single target line amongst multiple cables. 

Water and Pipeline

A wide choice of active frequencies allows conductive pipes to be traced for long distances. 


The RD7200 features higher frequencies to locate high impedance lines and sonde frequencies for duct and conduit tracing. Higher frequencies can also be used to trace sheathed domestic cables without grounding connections.