Streamline Your As-Built Data Capture.
Reduce Rework. 
Stay Under Budget and On-Time.

It's what you need...

...and Reality Capture is the solution.

Find out how to leverage the latest technology in laser scanning to capture highly accurate point clouds and generate 3D as-built models and meshes, retro-fit design from as-built, compare as-built vs. design, analyze floor flatness and floor levelness to ASTM standards, produce automated 2D line work, take precise measurements, and more.
We have put together instructional videos on full field to finish workflows using Leica Geosystems laser scanning hardware including the RTC360BLK360P-series laser scanners, along with Cyclone Register 360, Cyclone 3DR, and Cloudworx software.
We will be covering key benefits, field workflows, as well as office workflows to produce a multitude of deliverables from point cloud data. Teaching you how to easily manage the workflow, our goal is to become your go-to resource in the fast-growing world of reality capture.
Best regards,
Nolan Klassen
Reality Capture Specialist