Lewis Instruments - File Uploader
How to use the file uploader.

You can only send 1 file at a time.
When sending multiple files, please ZIP your files. PC users can download WinZIP HERE. On a Mac, place your files in a new folder, then 'Control Click' the folder and select 'Compress...'


  1. Fill in the fields below. Customer name, password and phone number are required.
  2. For your password please contact our Winnipeg office at 204-772-0366 or our Saskatoon office at 306-955-3947.
  3. Make sure to select which city you will be printing from.
  4. Browse to the file you want to upload
  5. Enter your instructions in the box provided. Make sure that your output instructions are clear and concise, providing the material to be used, the size, quantity etc… This will ensure that your job will be completed without delay. Should you require assistance our Customer Service Desk will be glad to help you.
  6. Click on the UPLOAD button to send your file.
  7. Please be patient, as large files will take more time to upload.
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